Leticia San Miguel

The Artist

Painting on Emotion, I transcend my views of nonconformity on canvas, filling in the empty spaces. Evoking powerful yet subtle emotions, the viewer begins to question what they are feeling, transcending the soul of the viewer to something beyond physical “That is Art”. Dismissing all that is unseen in a world of divine curiosity is simply absurd. Immerse yourself in a reality most consider nonexistent.

Emotion is what drives our very existence to be human and humane. Art is meant to question your very existence and be radical in thought, at this moment we free ourselves from that which binds us to reality. I paint to evoke emotion building connections between the physical and nonphysical, engaging our senses into something that for a moment takes us beyond our own restricted self, transcending the physical. Every Painting is subtle in elegance withstanding the test of time, holding its clean, crisp lines, and curvatures. The portrayal of minimalism in every work of art expresses the simplicity, yet sensual side of myself as an artist.

Engaging myself as a viewer gives me total immersion in my work, giving life to something otherwise nonexistent. Every work of art created takes emotion from myself the artist and displays a part of the viewer that resides behind the canvas, as a curious viewer there is a curious artist.

Painting on Emotion,